Municipal Law Issues And Public Agency Litigation

At Atkinson·Farasyn, LLP, we have attorneys versed in essentially all aspects of municipal law and many forms of public agency litigation. Several of our attorneys have invaluable experience working on the public sector side of this equation, serving as counsel to numerous cities, water districts and other government agencies.

Our Attorneys Understand Complex Government Regulations, Procedures And Disputes

We actively help many individuals and business owners in various Santa Clara County and San Mateo County, California, communities navigate the complexities of municipal codes and regulations. Some challenges our private sector clients commonly face include:

  • Obtaining all proper permits to build or remodel a home or develop property in other ways
  • Addressing land use, zoning and safety issues proactively with the proper agencies
  • Contesting denials of government approvals for zoning changes, development and other business- and real estate-related initiatives
  • Defending business or personal rights and interests when accused of violating zoning or safety regulations

We Emphasize Efficiency And Value As Well As Results

Our lawyers approach municipal law concerns strategically, based on decades of experience. We find that negotiation with agency representatives often leads to an acceptable resolution for our clients, but we advocate aggressively for them before the agencies when needed.

In all we do as attorneys, we strive to deliver real value — and, in a municipal law matter, sometimes that means telling you that you are the best person to represent your own cause, with us providing highly affordable coaching and support.

If you would like to speak with one of our Los Altos-based municipal law attorneys about your municipal law challenges or other needs, simply call 650-933-5096 or email us today.