Experienced Attorneys For Civil Litigation And Dispute Resolution

Have you run into a serious dispute over money, performance under a contract, a real estate transaction or some other issue? If this conflict could ultimately require resolution in court, there is no time to lose in finding an attorney experienced in all aspects of civil litigation — including strategies for keeping you out of court while still accomplishing your goals.

Business, Contract And Real Estate Disputes · Family Law Representation · Litigation Involving Public Agencies

Civil litigation is a term that encompasses many types of disputes, including those arising out of business transactions, alleged contract breaches, property damage claims, collections, divorce, appeals of prior court decisions and a vast range of other situations. At Atkinson·Farasyn, LLP, in Los Altos, California, you will find a cohesive team of lawyers with decades of experience advising and advocating for clients in all such matters.

We Target Fair, Efficient Resolution — But We Are Trial-Proven Litigators As Well

Our many long-standing business and individual clients appreciate our proactive, highly collaborative and practical approach to complex disputes. We handle a broad range of civil litigation-related matters for clients throughout Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. Our strengths in this area include:

  • Constant dedication to seeking fair resolution of disputes via the most timely, cost-efficient methods — backed by extensive, successful trial court and appellate court experience should protection of your interests require taking a case the full distance
  • Proven ability to analyze contracts, evidence and testimony to determine the strength of our clients' positions and address any vulnerabilities and risks

Whether you need to file a lawsuit or defend a claim against you, we are here to assist you in every way we can. In fact, our civil litigation attorneys strive to relieve your burden by keeping you informed of progress while you focus on other matters. We never overcomplicate or escalate a dispute unnecessarily. To request a consultation with an experienced attorney at Atkinson·Farasyn, LLP, best-suited to address your concerns, call 650-933-5096 or email us now.