Trusted Attorneys For Resolution Of Complex Business Disputes

Business partnerships and contractual relationships are the life-blood of commerce and economic growth, bringing complementary skills and resources together in vital ways. However, sometimes serious conflict arises when one party believes another has breached or defaulted on a contract.

Benefit From The Collective Knowledge Of Three Experienced Litigators

At Atkinson·Farasyn, LLP, in Los Altos, California, three deeply experienced business litigation attorneys serve as go-to resources for many diverse companies and individuals throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. We bring together extensive knowledge of real estate law, contracts law and other relevant disciplines to help people seek the best attainable outcomes in matters such as:

  • Business partnership disputes, often involving disagreement over the financial and operational aspects of the business and sometimes requiring a carefully orchestrated dissolution or "business divorce"
  • Disputes over real estate transactions, often arising from failure to follow through on an agreement or failure to disclose known defects or issues with the property at the time of sale
  • Disputes with vendors, suppliers and clients, including those involving failure to pay accounts or deliver agreed-upon services on time and within budget
  • Collection of money due on contracts

We Offer Strategies And Solutions, Freeing You To Focus On Your Core Business

Often, we can step in with guidance that diffuses a developing business dispute before it becomes too damaging or costly. Our lawyers are also adept, strategic negotiators versed in all forms of alternative dispute resolution. Ultimately, if full-blown civil litigation is required to protect your interests, you will have attorneys with extensive Superior Court and appellate court experience on your side.

We encourage you to get our business attorneys involved as soon as possible if you see a conflict developing. The sooner we talk, the sooner we can land on a strategy for favorable resolution of your business dispute. Call 650-933-5096 or send an email inquiry now for a prompt response.